365 DUMP is the inherent and instinctive outcome of a 10-year exposure to equipment operations, the recycling industry, and a developing interest in waste management services. We had been tinkering with new ideas in waste management for quite a while before 365 DUMP’s inception in March of 2016, and those ideas essentially revolved around the age-old concept of creating best out of waste. Today, we believe we’ve got the answer to most, if not all, waste management issues that are – well – wasting our environment.

Most of our solutions to waste management lie in effective and efficient recycling systems. Where most waste management companies opt for landfills as an inexpensive and easy way of disposing waste, 365 DUMP thinks different. Landfills are but just another way of subjecting the earth to the toxicity of our world that comes from our increasingly modernized lifestyles. They might keep garbage away from us but the garbage still exists, albeit in another form. At 365 DUMP, we take care of your waste material by recycling it. For items with minimal or zero damage, we even restore and donate them to charity organizations and underprivileged sections of society. Trash for you, could become a life-long treasure for someone else! Our low Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal services are optimally designed keeping the environment and you - our customer – in mind. So, why wait! Opt for our eco-friendly and customer-centric services available in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and neighboring towns of Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, and Crossfield. Help us help you keep our planet green and smiling!
Our Mission

  • Leaving an everlasting green impact on a world that we have borrowed from our children.
  • Trash the junk, not the planet.

Our vision

  • To pave the way towards a garbage-free world where recycling is accessible to one and all.
  • To be the drive-to point of waste disposal that leaves your home and our planet a little bit cleaner.

Junk Removal

Edge Grinding has always been an essential part of substrate manufacturing and is becoming more common in device processing, as well as for bonded wafer wafer drawing processing.

Dumpster Rental

We can cater our spring clean-up services to your specific needs and ensure you get the personalized grounds care services you actually care about whether that be tree trimming or garden bed care.

Prohibited Items

The roller is key to preparing the perfect Prohibited Items surface. Your greens will be smoother, more consistent from rink to rink and look better than ever