365 DUMP’s Junk Removal Service goes one step ahead of our Dumpster Rental Service. We not only bring our dumpster to your doorstep for waste removal, we also fill it up for you. All you need to do is simply call or text (403) 922-9930 and our waste management professionals will take care of the rest.

Our Junk Removal Service merges the benefits of our Dumpster Rental Service and Waste Management through recycling and donation activities. It is the ideal method of collecting waste material that results from construction, renovation, restoration and demolition projects of homes, offices , buildings and other types of brick-and-mortar establishments.

The biggest advantage of our Junk Removal Services is that you need not take time away from your project just to collect the waste and/or sort it out. You can use our efficient team of waste management professionals to do the heavy hauling work for you. Simply tell them what needs to be discarded and they will pick it up and take it away to the dumpster. The waste material could be absolutely anywhere on the premises – up on the tenth floor of your corporate establishment or the basement of your home. It’s no big deal. We have the equipment and they possess enough expertise to bring all the junk together on the dumpster.

Once the dumpster is filled up, our professionals will even sweep up the premises and make it neat and clean. Depending upon your location, we will then take away the loaded dumpster to a pre-specified collection point for further handling.

At the collection point, we segregate the different materials into individual bins. We have bins for wood, metal items, dry wall, shingle, plastic, cardboard, and paper. We then categorize items based on whether they can be recycled or donated to charity organizations with minimal touch-ups. We also have ways and means of handling waste that does not fall into either group. Recyclable items are sent to a recycling centre for further processing.

We extend our junk removal services to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and neighboring towns of Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, and Crossfield for a packaged price of just $399.00! There is no additional hourly labor charge involved.


There are some types of materials that are prohibited by law for waste management purposes. Please click here to know what they are.

The waste management and recycling charges for specific material is not included in our Junk Removal Service package. Please click here to know what they are.

Junk Removal

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