You have lots of things to do during construction, rather to manage stacks of junk and waste. Stuck with construction waste? Leave it on us. We do it for you, making practically possible to achieve neat & clutter free construction site. Pick-N-Haul specially designed Construction and demolition waste bin rental in Calgary solves out problems, and large bins make easy to collect construction waste at a single point.

For almost years, Pick-N-Haul is at service, providing a variety of bins in multiple sizes with flexible pick & drop timing that suits clients. We follow simple flat pricing structure and it’s a promise you find these waste bins help your job site stay cleaner and more efficient.

Our waste bin rentals assist in multiple construction projects, supporting to achieve a tidy work-site, improving overall performance and reducing stress, as it’s been a tough job to deal with construction trash. Once filled, we remove bins and replace with a new one. All done in a single call.